July 18, 2024
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Sightings Over Sixty: Florida … or Bust?

Sightings Over Sixty: Florida … or Bust?

I just read that Florida is the most popular state where retired Americans moved in 2022. No surprise there, I guess, although you’d think that the hurricanes might slow things down a bit. Apparently not.

According to a study that came out in DecemberFlorida was number one. North Carolina took second spot. After that came Michigan (Michigan?!?), Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania?!?), and Washington state.

Well, I can explain Pennsylvania, if not Michigan.

Pennsylvania provides a refuge from its high-tax, high-cost neighbors of New York, New Jersey and Maryland. Yet it’s still in the Northeast with its cultural, educational and artistic advantages — and easy access to the major cities like New York and Washington, DC.

And by the way, Philadelphia has its own advantages with its world-class symphony, museums, universities . . . and this year, anyway, a great football team!

But this week I’m joining the crowds heading to Florida. Not to live. Just to vacation for a while. Because (ahem, see above) Pennsylvania is in the Northeast where the winters are cold — not New England cold, but cold enough. Right now the temperature is 32 degrees outside.

So next week I’ll be reporting in as your stereotypical retired Snowbird from hopefully sunny Florida. After that we’ll be visiting kids and grandkids in Charleston, SC. (Surprising to me, South Carolina did not make the list.) Stay safe, stay warm, stayed tuned.

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