July 23, 2024
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‘We don’t want to stay in a big city’: I’m retiring soon and need a cheaper, cultural place near family but with good healthcare and progressive politics. Any ideas?

Hi Moving Diaries,

Hey Moving Diaries, I’m 63 and I’ve been chilling in Seattle for 30 years. I’m looking at retiring soon and honestly, big city life just ain’t it anymore.

My kids are in Massachusetts, and my whole family is back on the East Coast, so I’m tryna get closer to them. But finding the perfect spot for me and my wife is tricky. Here’s what we’re looking for:

1) Cheaper than Seattle: We don’t wanna drop more than $500,000 on a house. Seattle’s prices are just insane.

2) Culture Vibes: Gotta be near some artsy stuff. My wife’s a sculptor and loves music and art, so an artsy community would be perfect.

3) Weather: No sweltering summers for us. We love a good mix of seasons but don’t want to deal with endless snow or gray skies in winter.

4) Politics & Community: A progressive vibe is important since we’re coming from Seattle.

5) Healthcare: Need solid healthcare nearby. We’re healthy now, but we don’t want to drive hours if that ever changes.

6) Fun Outdoors: I love hiking, biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, you name it.

7) Learning Stuff: Would be cool to be near a college with free classes for seniors.

8) Low Taxes: Don’t want to get hit with high taxes on income, social security, pensions, etc. I’ll have a pension and social security, and while Washington doesn’t have state income tax, we’re paying about 11% in sales tax, $1,000 a month on property taxes, and fees for everything.

Got any ideas? I’m originally from New England and was thinking about the Berkshires or mid-coast Maine, but I’m open to suggestions that fit our criteria!

– Seeking Advice

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