July 18, 2024
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Unbelievable Deal: Score the M2 MacBook Air for Just $799 Before Prime Day!

Unbelievable Deal: Score the M2 MacBook Air for Just 9 Before Prime Day!

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Here’s a juicy early deal for you. Ahead of the blockbuster event, the base has dropped to its lowest price to date at Amazon. You can snap up this Apple laptop for $799, which is 200 bucks off the regular price. The discount applies to all colorways, so you can score one in that beautiful Midnight finish.This model isn’t exactly top of the MacBook Air line anymore. It’s been supplanted by the M3-powered MBA, which is now our pick for the overall. But if you’d like to save some cash and still have a very capable Apple laptop to carry around, the M2 variant is our choice for the — this latest discount just makes it .AppleThe base 13-inch M2 MacBook Air has dropped to a record low of $799. This was already our favorite budget MacBook and now it’s an even better deal at this price. $799 at AmazonEngadget’s Devindra Hardawar called the M2 Air a “near-perfect Mac” and gave it a score of 96. One of the first things you’ll notice is the 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, which can reach a commendable 500 nits of brightness and has a 60Hz refresh rate. The inclusion of a 1080p webcam is welcome, while the triple-mic array does a solid job of capturing your voice for your calls. The speakers are impressive too, especially for a laptop that’s just 11.3 millimeters thin and weighs only 2.7 pounds.Despite that slender form factor, Apple has still kept fans of physical headphone jacks happy by retaining the 3.5mm port. There are two USB-C Thunderbolt ports and a MagSafe charging connector as well. You shouldn’t have to worry too much if you leave your charger at home when you head to the office — the M2 MacBook Air’s battery should easily last for an entire workday unless you’re carrying out very power-hungry work like video editing.The M2 MBA should handle everyday tasks with relative ease, and you’ll be able to play a bunch of App Store and Steam games on it too (good luck doing anything else ever again if you install Balatro). One of our main reservations with the base M2 Air is that there’s only 8GB of memory. That doesn’t seem quite enough these days and unfortunately, Apple charges a premium for RAM upgrades. Still, if you just want a MacBook Air that checks pretty much all the boxes most people will need for a few years, this is a great option.It’s also worth noting that there are some cool features on the way when arrives later this year, including the ability to mirror your iPhone on your Mac and a new Passwords app. features are also coming to M1 and later Macs.Your Prime Day Shopping Guide: See all of our Prime Day coverage. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Yahoo Life. Follow Engadget for Prime Day tech deals. Hear from Autoblog’s experts on the best Amazon Prime Day deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Prime Day sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you.

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