July 15, 2024
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Unbeatable Desktop PC Deals: Score Big Savings this July!

Unbeatable Desktop PC Deals: Score Big Savings this July!

Looking for a powerful desktop computer that won’t break the bank? Whether it’s for work, gaming, or everyday use, finding a good deal can be overwhelming with the plethora of options available. But fear not, as we’ve sifted through the computer sales to bring you a curated list of the best deals, offering great hardware from reputable companies to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

If you have questions about buying a computer or are considering a laptop instead, check out our answers and advice below for some helpful tips.

Best Gaming Desktop Computer Deals:

  • MSI Aegis Z Ryzen 7/RTX 4070 Super/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $1,399.00 (10% off on Amazon)
  • MSI Codex R2 Core i5/RTX 4060/16GB RAM/2TB SSD, $979.99 (11% off on Amazon)
  • PowerSpec G518 Ryzen 7/RTX 4060/32GB RAM/1TB SSD, $999.99 (20% off on MicroCenter)
  • Alienware Aurora R16 Core i9/RTX 4080 Super/32GB RAM/1TB SSD, $2,199.99 (21% off on Dell)
  • Legion Tower 7i Core i9/RTX 4080 Super/32GB RAM/1TB SSD, $2,519.99 (20% off on Lenovo)
  • Acer Predator Orion Core i7/RTX 4070/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $1,279.99 (23% off on Newegg)
  • ABS Eurus Aqua Core i9/RTX 4090/32GB RAM/2TB SSD, $2,999.99 (25% off on Newegg)

My top picks:

Looking for a mid-range gaming build that doesn’t break the bank? The MSI Aegis Z on Amazon offers a Ryzen 7 7700 CPU and RTX 4070 Super GPU for $150 off. Or opt for the budget-friendly MSI Codex R2 on Amazon with a Core i5-14400F CPU and RTX 4060 GPU for $120 off.

Best Mainstream Desktop Computer Deals:

  • IdeaCentre Mini Core i5/8GB RAM/512GB SSD, $489.99 (24% off on Lenovo)
  • HP Envy Desktop Core i7/16GB RAM/1TB SSD, $799.99 (20% off on BestBuy)
  • XPS Desktop Core i7/RTX 4060Ti/16GB RAM/512GB SSD, $1,099.99 (29% off on Dell)
  • Apple Mac Mini 2023 M2/16GB RAM/512GB SSD, $1,149.00 (12% off on Amazon)

My top picks:

For mini-PC lovers, the IdeaCentre Mini on Lenovo is $160 off, featuring an Intel Core i5-13500H processor and 512GB SSD. Mac fans can snag the M2 Mac Mini on Amazon for $100 off, still offering solid performance compared to the newer models.

Best All-in-One Computer Deals:

  • Inspiron 24 AiO Core 7-150U, MX570A, 16GB RAM/1TB SSD/24-inch 1080p touch display, $949.99 (21% off on Dell)
  • HP Envy AiO 34 Core i5/RTX 3050/16GB RAM/512GB SSD/34-inch 5K display, $1,499.99 (28% off on HP)
  • Acer Aspire C24-1300 Ryzen 5/8GB RAM/512GB SSD/24-inch 1080p display, $499.00 (27% off on Amazon)
  • iMac M3 2023 M3/8GB RAM/256GB SSD/24-inch 5K display, $1,199.00 (8% off on Amazon)

My top picks:

Dell’s Inspiron 24 AiO is $250 off, featuring a Core 7-150U processor, MX570A GPU, and 1TB SSD, making it a great option for a powerful AiO. The HP Envy AiO 34 offers a massive 34-inch 5K display along with an RTX 3050 graphics card, now $610 off.

Computer Deals FAQ:

  1. What are good websites to find computer deals?
  2. When’s the best time to shop for a PC computer?
  3. What type of desktop should I get?
  4. What CPU and GPU should I get?
  5. How much memory and storage does my PC need?
  6. Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished computer?

The world of computer shopping can be overwhelming, but our answers and suggestions aim to simplify the process. Whether you’re looking for a productivity powerhouse, a gaming rig, or a sleek all-in-one, make sure to consider your needs and budget before making a decision. Happy shopping!

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