July 23, 2024
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Ronny Jackson Challenges Biden: “Prove You’re Clean Before Debating Trump!”

Rep. Ronny Jackson Demands Drug Tests for President Biden Ahead of Debate with Trump

In a move that’s sure to stoke political fires, Representative Ronny Jackson from Texas has called on President Joe Biden to undergo drug testing both before and after his upcoming debate with former President Donald Trump. The demand arises from long-standing Republican accusations that Biden is using performance-enhancing drugs to boost his public appearances—a claim the White House has consistently denied.

Sunday’s episode of "Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo" on Fox News saw Jackson taking these allegations to new heights. “I’m addressing a letter to President Biden, his physician Dr. O’Connor, and his entire Cabinet. It’s disheartening for me, as a former White House physician, to resort to this, but given the circumstances, we have no other choice,” stated Jackson.

The Texas Republican stressed the urgency of his request, citing public concern. “Millions of Americans right now are worried, and on their behalf, I will demand that Biden submit to drug tests before and after the debate. The discrepancy between his recent State of the Union address and his usual daily demeanor is too significant to ignore,” Jackson added.

Jackson speculated that the president’s pre-debate preparation would involve tweaking medication dosages to achieve optimal performance during the debate. “Biden will spend a week at Camp David before the debate, likely experimenting with different dosages. They need to calibrate his cognitive enhancers, stimulants for alertness, and possibly even medication to manage his agitation, a symptom of cognitive decline,” he stated.

The Washington Examiner has approached President Biden’s team for comments but has yet to receive a response.

These assertions are not new from Trump’s camp. Since the 2020 campaign, Trump has hinted and joked that Biden uses drugs to maintain alertness. At the Minnesota Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner, Trump remarked that Biden would be "so jacked up" for the debate and described him as “high as a kite” during his State of the Union address. Trump quipped that he would insist on a drug test before sharing the debate stage with Biden.

Responding to these recurring allegations, the Biden campaign has firmly denied any drug use by the president. In an April statement to Forbes, Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa dismissed Trump’s claims as “a bizarre outburst” intended to divert attention from his policies.

As the political tension heightens, it remains to be seen whether these drug test demands will be met or simply continue to fuel partisan debates. For more details, you can CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER.

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