July 15, 2024
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Major Canadian market soars while American markets stay unpredictable

Major Canadian market soars while American markets stay unpredictable

As the sun rose on another trading day, the Canadian stock index surged ahead, painting a picture of strength in various sectors. Meanwhile, the U.S. stock markets seemed to be caught in a more uncertain stance. Let’s dive deeper into the numbers and trends that shaped the financial landscape on this particular day:

  • The S&P/TSX composite index showed remarkable resilience, climbing 157.18 points to reach 22,507.41.
  • Across the border, in New York, the Dow Jones industrial average recorded an increase of 79.59 points, standing at 39,800.95.
  • However, the S&P 500 index experienced a slight dip, down by 31.91 points to 5,602.00, and the Nasdaq composite struggled, slipping by 235.84 points to 18,411.61.

Amidst the market fluctuations, the Canadian dollar held its ground, trading for 73.44 cents US. Meanwhile, the commodity market witnessed some interesting movements:

  • The August crude oil contract saw an escalation of 42 cents, settling at US$82.52 per barrel.
  • Contrarily, the August natural gas contract faced a decline of five cents, closing at US$2.28 per mmBTU.
  • Precious metals also saw some action, with the August gold contract surging by US$43.60 to reach US$2,423.30 per ounce, while the September copper contract saw a decrease of eight cents, settling at US$4.53 per pound.

In the realm of financial news, these numbers and trends serve as indicators of the market’s health and trajectory. Stay tuned to see how these developments shape the days ahead and impact investment decisions. (Companies in this story: TSX:GSPTSE, TSX:CADUSD)

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