July 18, 2024
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Get $100 Value for Only $79.99 – Limited Time Deal at Costco.com! 🚨💥

Get 0 Value for Only .99 – Limited Time Deal at Costco.com! 🚨💥

Unlock Savings with Costco’s Discounted Instacart E-Gift Cards

Attention Costco members! You have another fantastic opportunity to snag discounted Instacart e-gift cards. Available on Costco.com, these $100 e-gift cards are being sold for just $79.99 each – a remarkable 20% savings. Highlighted in my articles on maximizing savings on Instacart orders and comparing prices across Costco in-store, Same-Day delivery, and Instacart services, this deal is so good that it deserves its own spotlight. Given the recurring nature of this offer, it’s hard to predict how long it will be available or when it might return.

This 20% discount significantly offsets costs, making Instacart an attractive and affordable option, even after considering tips and delivery fees. I’ve personally taken advantage of this offer several times, and the savings are significant when you combine these e-gift cards with other discounts. These gift cards are versatile and can be used both on Instacart.com and at sameday.costco.com, where Costco’s inventory is managed by Instacart. Notably, shopping via Instacart provides a rare opportunity to shop at Costco without a membership, though do be aware that items might have a slight markup.

How to Grab This Offer:

  1. Visit the Costco.com Instacart e-gift card offer page.
  2. Purchase up to two discounted $100 Instacart e-gift cards for $79.99 each.
  3. Check your email shortly after for the e-gift card codes.
  4. Redeem your e-gift cards on Instacart’s website or at sameday.costco.com by entering the codes at checkout.

Important Offer Details:

  • Delivery Timing: Same day
  • Availability: While supplies last
  • Limit: Two e-gift cards per membership (note: this may reset weekly)
  • Refund Policy: Non-refundable
  • Full Terms: Available on the Costco offer page and Instacart’s help section.

Why This Deal is a Must-Grab:
For those who regularly use Instacart or are looking to save on their next grocery trip, these discounted e-gift cards are a no-brainer. They significantly reduce your overall costs and make the convenience of home delivery more affordable. Personally, I stock up whenever this offer becomes available, as it dramatically enhances the value of my shopping experience on Instacart.

Don’t miss out on this excellent savings opportunity – especially if you’ve been contemplating trying out Instacart’s convenient delivery service. Happy savings!

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