July 15, 2024
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Breaking News: Fisherfolk Land MASSIVE $500K Aid Package After Beryl Devastation – Find Out How They’re Rebuilding Now!

Breaking News: Fisherfolk Land MASSIVE 0K Aid Package After Beryl Devastation – Find Out How They’re Rebuilding Now!

In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, the fishing community faces unprecedented challenges due to vessel damages. However, a ray of hope shines through as the CAF Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean steps up with a generous donation of $500,000 for a benevolent fund to aid fisherfolk in need. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently unveiled a comprehensive package of assistance designed to revive the industry and support those affected by the natural disaster.

  • Fisherfolk relief measures announced by Prime Minister Mottley:
    1. Provision for those who have paid National Insurance contributions.
    2. Introduction of a business interruption benefit for those not up-to-date with National Insurance payments, ensuring support for all.
    3. Establishment of a 30-year revolving fund with the help of financial institutions to assist fishermen in financing new boats.
    4. Grant availability to cover 25% of the cost of new boat purchases or repairs, alleviating financial burdens for fishermen.

During a coastal tour encompassing St. Lucy to Bridgetown Port, Prime Minister Mottley witnessed the extensive damage incurred by the beaches, referring to the situation as “dreadful.” She emphasized the crucial role these coastlines play in the country’s economic framework and stressed the urgency of a unified approach in their restoration post-hurricane.

In response to the devastation faced by the west and north coast beaches, Prime Minister Mottley called for dedicated units to maintain and care for these vital assets on a daily basis. Just as road maintenance is a priority, she underscored the importance of prioritizing the preservation of beaches to safeguard their economic contributions.

As the nation unites to rebuild and rejuvenate the fishing industry and coastline landscapes, the government’s commitment to supporting the affected communities remains steadfast. Together, with collaborative efforts and sustainable strategies, the path to recovery and resilience is paved for a brighter future ahead.

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