July 18, 2024
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Bose’s Latest Earbuds Just Upgraded With Multi-Device Pairing! Click to Find Out More!

Bose’s Latest Earbuds Just Upgraded With Multi-Device Pairing! Click to Find Out More!

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Bose is updating its two most recent pairs of earbuds, the QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds and the Ultra Open Earbudsto add support for multipoint Bluetooth. A new software update rolling out to both products will enable them to pair with two devices at the same time for easier multitasking. The update, which will take a couple weeks to reach all customers, also includes a few bug fixes that are specific to Bose’s rather unique Ultra Open Earbuds. Among them are optimizations to voice pickup, overall connectivity, and a few other improvements. Multipoint has become a fairly common feature for premium wireless earbuds (AirPods notwithstanding), so I noted its absence as a downside in the reviews of both earbuds. Now the QC Ultra Earbuds and Ultra Open Earbuds are a little more worthy of their respective high-end prices. The former still deliver best-in-class active noise cancellation that outshines pretty much all competitors. The clip-on Ultra Open Earbuds were more of an unconventional gamble for Bose, but I can report that the company has some interesting features in the pipeline for that product — including a very novel way of incorporating the Ultra Opens into a Bose home theater system. You’ll be hearing more about that in the months to come. For now, Bose has delivered on its promise to bring multipoint to both products.

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